Friday, April 29, 2011

Zucchini, where art for thou?

Most people don't bother starting zucchini seeds indoors, but I was aching for a bit of something green in March, and therefore I started a bunch of seedlings in one of those mini greenhouses they sell at WalMart. I wasn't too stressed over whether they germinated or not, as I didn't have lights on them, nor did I have a heat mat under them. I was starting some finicky seeds, like Bloody Butcher tomatoes, and figured I'd be lucky if I got one or two to come up. HAH!

So today, since I can't do a lot of walking with my aircast on (want info on my broken ankle? check here), I had the children fill up some intermediate pots with dirt from the backyard, and into them I put our overgrown zucchini plants. 10 out of the 12 planted came up, and boy did they EVER come up! They were going to die if I didn't get them some more room. Now they're in 10 slightly larger pots, surrounded by good, amended soil from the backyard. I feel better knowing that they won't die on me, because heck, I can figure out lots of things to do with 10 huge zucchini plants worth of fruit!

All the tomatoes seem to have come up, and are doing quite well. They're a bit leggy, but I can handle that. I'll be replanting them, too, though I'm hoping we'll be able to move before I do that. It'd be a hassle to move whole tomato plants!

Anyhow, I just wanted to give people a head's up... I hadn't posted since the first, since I haven't done anything to do with gardening. Broken legs are like that. LOL!