Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter Activities

There are lots of things to do during the winter that keep you occupied. Splitting wood for the fire, for instance, or shovelling snow (except we haven't gotten any!), or cooking. Now that the holiday rush is over, we've started to make some of our own food again rather than relying so heavily on store bought. One of the nice things that Gray has been making, is pasta! You can see the girl twin in the picture to the left, holding up a length of tomato linguine to show us. Gray made the dough, but she really enjoys helping with all stages of pasta creation. Her favorite part, though, is getting the pasta off the rollers and setting it off to dry.

Here's a little video of the girl and her dad, working away at spaghetti noodles. It's short (30 seconds) but cute. Please excuse the jerky camera; I used my cell phone and it isn't the greatest.

I will admit, we don't often have pasta stored away for future use. Gray makes it, and we immediately want to eat it, and end up boiling the water and cooking it right off. Even though he made a HUGE batch last night, we ended up eating all of it! One of these days, though...

Oh, and we found his ravioli plate! Sometime next week we'll be making stuffed raviolis... oh yum.