Sunday, May 20, 2012

What is up at the Freehold?

Lots of things are up, actually! The two horizontal rows are radishes which desperately need thinning, and this tire also has lettuce in the back, carrots, broccoli, beets, spinach, and green onions. They're all looking perky and happy. So far, I would say that I'm quite pleased and impressed with the square foot method of doing things. We'll see how it goes as we get closer to harvest time, but thus far I have had no problems with slugs (they don't seem to like climbing the rubber), no rabbits or other vermin, and so few weeds that it literally takes me five minutes a day to get the whole garden done. Wow.

This little flower bed is somewhat oddly shaped, but we're very pleased with it. There are three bunches of a plant we're not sure of the name of, which were there before we moved in. To the far right is my new hydrangea, which just got planted today in this lovely weather (and with a good, soaking rain predicted for tonight or early tomorrow). We also planted all our Cosmos in there, because they needed planting and it just looked like a nice place for them. Now, instead of a mucky looking hole with dirt and something that might be a plant in it, we have a nice little flower garden that ought to green up nicely. When we get in the good compost from the dump, I'll add a thin layer of it here, to spruce it up a bit.

This is our new strawberry bed. I had some Martha Washington strawberries that really needed to be in the ground, and there was just no way we were going to get the bed done the way I'd originally intended. This seemed like a nice second choice. Right now, only the outer part is planted with strawberry plants (about 35 of them, though some were so small I'm not sure they'll make it). The center will get filled with compost and I'll plant flowers or a flowering veggie in there that is annual. Then next year we'll put more strawberries in the center. Regardless of whether it's perfect, it's sooooo much better than the big hole that was there before.

This is our mystery flower bed. At the far end are feathery flowers that look like they might be Cosmos, but we're really not sure. In the middle part, there seem to be day lilies of some kind, but the flowers haven't come up. They could also be tiger lilies. The near end contains what looks like more lilies, and a slightly bushy green plant that will probably sprout flowers. We saw something similar today when we were out, so we're thinking maybe it's asters?

Our peas are up! All neat and tidy in their rows, they are stretching for the hot sun. I just hope it doesn't get too hot for them. I wanted to plant them earlier, but... I kept being worried we'd get an end of season snowstorm or something. Maybe next year I'll be able to make cloches to cover them all in that kind of emergency... The beans are also rearing their heads, and everything looks so full of life!