Friday, February 15, 2013

Busy day round-up

The garden in winter.
We all want to avoid Round Up weed killer, but there are other types of round-ups that are much more interesting! I've been horrendously busy this week with work and household stuff, so I am going to share a round-up of interesting "homesteading" style articles that I found this week on the web. I hope you find them as useful and interesting as I did!

The reality of farm life - The tale of the death of a baby chick.
Breathing life into your soil - Why cover crops in spring and fall are so important.
How to grind meat - Grinding your own meat lets you know exactly what you're eating.
The Victory Garden - Planting a Victory Garden can help you out as much as it did your grandmother!
Rabbits for Homesteading - Rabbits make a great small homestead meat choice.

Rabbits are actually something we're thinking of adding this summer to our little freehold. It depends on a few things, and the laying hens must come first, but having fresh rabbit meat available would be so nice. I do love making rabbit stew, and I make a mean stuffed rabbit, too!

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