Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gratitude and some herbs

I have an easy gratitude share today - I got my copy of Putting Food By! Not only is it in pristine condition, it's the newer version than I used to own (the copy that got lost) or the version the library had. It has so much information packed into its pages, and you can look up information on canning, freezing, dehydrating and drying, curing and preserving. It's all updated in regards to current canning practices and equipment, too. I am so excited I can barely contain myself.

Now if only I could rid myself of the horrid crud that the children brought home from school, the world would be nigh on perfect. Instead, I'm sitting here snuffling and aching, with swollen glands. The coughing isn't too bad (knock on wood) but watching the kids tells me it's coming. Thank heavens for spouses who pick up things for you from the drugstore.

Since I'm not feeling up to doing a huge post, I want to direct your attention to a blog that I read religiously: Common Sense Homesteading. Laurie Neverman, the author of the blog, is indeed quite full of common sense (which I'm beginning to think is a super power...). For a while now, she's been posting up something called the Weekly Weeder, and Wildcrafting Wednesdays. I wanted to share some of her posts with you, and encourage you to check out her blog as well as mine. She puts a lot of really great information out there!
I hope you like her stuff as much as you like mine (though perhaps not MORE than you like mine). Her down to earth style of writing lends itself to easy reading. I've tried out several things I've learned on her site, and I expect you probably will, too.